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If You Aren’t Making Serious Income Online, It’s Because You’re Not Set-Up To Receive.

One Day, “A Thought” Struck Me Like a Lightning Bolt…

Here’s what happened. I started a new marketing campaign and had just under 3,250 people in my double opt-in auto-responder list. I sent out a lack luster email letter…just something I impulsively whipped up. Well don’t you know, within a day I had over $4,400 in cash sales! That’s like being paid $1.35 per opt-in. 

And then the “lightning thought” hit me. 

“This is what the average guy doesn’t have. This is WHY the average new guy doesn’t earn $3,000 to $5,000 per week!”

» They don’t know how to drive traffic INTO their opt-in auto-responder.

» They don’t have the sequential marketing email letters to use.

»  They can’t write good ad copy to induce sales. 

Then it hit me.



The Spearhead is a tool used by a hunter to probe the unknown jungle that he can’t see. The Head of the Spear goes out in front of him for protection…and also to kill the animal.

What would the hunter do without his Spearhead? The hunter depends on his Spearhead for everything he needs.

The Spearhead Profit Funnel can help you build a growing LIST that will keep paying you continuously.

The LIST you build is your greatest asset…which is an auto-responder opt-in data-base of prospects and customers. Your fortune comes from selling marketable items to your LIST.

The Only Reason Most People Can’t Make Money On The Internet
Is Because No One Showed Them How To Create Their Own
White-Hot Opt-in Data Base of 1,000’s of People…and Then
How To Twist That List into Continuous Cash-On-Demand!

What If Someone Gave You Real Business Tools And The
Pre-Written Marketing Messages To Explode Your Opt-In List?

What If You Learned How To Drive Prospects into Your Own Squeeze Page And Capture 1,000’s of Potential Buyers So You Could Earn $100 Per Day…and Up to $4,000 Per Week! 


Ask Anyone Earning $50,000 Per Month
on The Internet if This is True...“A Good
Quality Auto-Responder Opt-in List
is a License to Print Money!”

You don’t need 5 years to learn how to earn a full-time income on the internet.

I realize that you probably don’t have the marketing email letters to support your own thriving opt-in list.

Creating “ad copy” is truly one of the silent (but obvious) and hardest aspects of this business that 99.9% of everyone in our industry does not get to benefit from.

But, you don’t need to know how to write ad copy with the Spearhead Profit Funnel.

Let me give you an entire sequentially embedded auto-responder opt-in letter set that you can use for your own marketing campaign. Each letter is timed and calibrated to return a sale for you. How cool is that. Plus, you can promote anything you like.

Look, until you CONTROL the system and until you have people lined up to buy whatever it is you retail to them, you will forever be on the outside looking in.

You must have a complete direct sales funnel…one that speaks and sells for you. If how you “market” isn’t timed, calibrated and written to bring you cash orders, everything else is just a game. You need to have everything SET-UP correctly before you can receive.


The answer, which is right in front of everyone’s nose, is to have an automated data-base driven, sequentially calibrated
e-mail management system called an
auto-responder. This is an inexpensive
tool costing only about $20 a month.

The people who are earning “Big Money” online are using an
auto-responder tool to automatically RUN thousands and thousands of “opt-ins” THROUGH their direct response email letters EVERY ONE OR TWO DAYS.

What if your entire marketing business was written by the person who wrote all this?

What if you got to USE ad copy such as this, and pack your sales funnel with intelligent auto-responder email letters?  What if you could actually begin earning $400 to $4,000 per week with a real business? 

The Spearhead Profit Funnel Is Now Your Complete Marketing System That Sells Whatever You Want To Promote.

You will learn and be taught to follow the system.

1-2-3 cookie cutter. All sequential.

You will use it to GROW your own list.

Spearhead Profit Funnel gives you POWER.

Spearhead Profit Funnel gives you CONTROL.

It’s Easier to Make Money in Direct Sales When You Have The Calibrated Marketing Messages to Massage and Coax Your List into Buying Your Product Over Several Days, or Weeks.

Most people need a little time to make a “buy” decision.

It may take people up to (7) follow-ups in order to settle their nerves, where upon they can make a calculated and smart decision to buy your product.

With the Spearhead Profit Funnel, you’ll have intelligent auto-responder letters…sequentially written and primed to induce their investigation which could take a few days of their time. 

Those people who sit patiently within your sales funnel…reading your messages for a week or so, will soon be ready to “buy” from you.

Whatever you sell, now sell it smarter!


The Spearhead Profit Funnel includes: 

» Proven Squeeze Page Template Kit
» Giveaway PDF Report
» Pre-Written Email Follow-up Sequence

Start building YOUR email list and make money with an automated sales machine.

The Spearhead Profit Funnel is FREE!!!

Yes, it’s absolutely FREE!


Click the link below to instantly download it now.



May Prosperity Be Yours,

doyle chambers
Doyle Chambers


We Can Setup Your
SpearHead Profit Funnel For You!

Skip the frustrating setup process and
let us get you up and running fast, so you can
start building a list and making money faster!



 spearhead profit funnel




The SpearHead Profit Funnel
"Done For You Service" includes:

1. We hook up your pre-existing domain with the web hosting service
2. We setup your new website on your pre-existing cpanel website hosting service
3. We edit the "squeeze page” and "thank-you page” (add your auto-responder form, edit the links on the download page)
4. We upload the entire website to the web server and test it
5. We upload the “giveaway PDF Report” to your Hosting Server (so it’s ready for downloading to your subscribers)
6. We set up your new “List Name” on your auto-responder and add your follow-up email messages (13 emails)
7. We hook your “squeeze page” up to auto-redirect to “Your First Sales Offer” immediately after someone opts-in. (You choose “Your First Sales Offer” and give us the URL Link.)



Please read the following very carefully before ordering...  

Before we can start, you must already have your own domain name, web hosting and auto-responder.  

If you don't know what these tools are, please read the “SpearHead Profit Funnel Guide” and “Setup Instructions”. These reports were included with the spearhead.zip file that you can download above (click the Green Button). The reports will teach you how to setup the tools (
domain name, web hosting and auto-responder).


First, here’s what you need to do.  


You’ll need to
get these 3 Tools:


arrow arrowarrowarrowarrowarrowarrowarrow


1. Get a domain name (Namecheap  )  You can register a ".com" domain name for about $10 per year.   


2. Get web hosting (HostGator  ) Register your account and choose the “Baby Plan” for about $8 per month.  


3. Get an auto-responder (Aweber  ) Register your account…only about $19 per month. 

Note: All of these services have strong support to help you get it all setup. It’s really easy to do. Don’t let anything stop you. Just get it done fast.


Order Instructions:

After paying us and going through the checkout process, please return back to this webpage and email me at:

Suzanne Murphy

Send your email with the words “Spearhead Setup” in the subject line of the email. Please let me know that you have already paid for SpearHead Setup Service.


You’ll need to provide me with some information so I can complete the setup for you. Please include this information along with your email   . 

1. Your FTP/cpanel Login info for your Hosting Account (username, password, email for this account). (if you don’t have one, get it here HostGator  ). 

2. Your Login info for your Aweber Auto-responder Account (username, password, email for this account). (if you don’t have one, get it here Aweber  ). 

3. Your existing Domain Name (if you don’t have one, get it here Namecheap  ). 

4. Give us the URL Link for your chosen “First Sales Offer” that you will be promoting. NOTE: This is the offer that your subscribers will be re-directed to immediately after opting-in on your squeeze page. 

Upon receipt of your order, we'll reply back to you within 24 - 48 hours to confirm and give you further instructions. We’ll then get started setting up everything for you. We’ll keep you updated, and email you when everything has been setup and completed. 


Here's How To Order:


Our fee for this SpearHead Profit Funnel Done For You Setup Service is $75.00 (US Dollars). 


If you would like to hire me for this SpearHead Profit Funnel Setup Service, please pay using the payment button below.

Buy Now 


Order now. 

I'll get everything setup right...so you can start building your business and making money.

Thank You!
Suzanne Murphy

Phone: (754) 273-8654




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